MacBook Pro With Retina Display (MBPr)

When the new MacBook Pros were released, I bought one with the retina display. I have a variety of reasons, but for now I want to capture some of my first impressions.

I have used Linux (usually Ubuntu) at home exclusively for the last sevenish years. Before that I used Windows for as long as I can remember. I used a Mac at church for a few years, but my experience was limited by the one or two programs I needed to used. For the past two years and a half, I have worked in an all-Apple office (usually pairing on somebody else's computer).


Anything optimized for retina display looks amazing

I was editing a bulletin for church the other day, and the text was so beautiful I wanted to cry.

Cool apps

Living exclusively in Linux means living without many of the hip, fun apps that look great and fill certain niches. For instance in Ubuntu I had to use Gwibber to follow my Twitter feed. Now I can use the official Twitter app. The difference between the two is night and day. Another app I am excited about is Numbers.

Zero driver issues

My last laptop was from Sony, and the Linux support was worse than non-existent.


Apple is trying to blind me

Everytime I plug in the power cord, my screen brightness gets set to eleven. And everytime I have to set the brightness back to the midway point. Really this setting should be saved for each power source.

Printer (Brother HL-4600) was not usable until I installed drivers

I had to search the Brother website for the correct driver to install, then I had to setup the printer and restart my application before I could print. This is what I had to do last year in Ubuntu. (Windows installed the printer just fine when I plugged in.) More recently in Ubuntu, everything just worked.

Finding, installing and maintaining software

Installing software on OS X feels like installing software on Windows 95, 98, XP et cetera. Where is the progress?

Firewall off by default


No support for FLAC

Must wait for display to wake before typing password