Stacked Notes - Bourbon And Meteor

Tonight's meetup consisted of two separate talks. The meeting started with a delicious snack I've never had before: Pork Puppies.

![partially eaten pork puppy](/content/images/2014/10/IMG_20141021_192831_CROPPED-1.jpeg)
A pork puppy is a hushpuppy filled with BBQ. This picture doesn't really do it justice, so I'll link to a better picture somebody else took.


2014-10-21 by Christian Reuter (Meetup)

Bourbon is a Sass library upon which complementary tools are built.


  1. gem install neat
  2. neat install - copies neat files into project

Style Reset

  1. gem install bitters
  2. bitters install - copies bitters files into project

Prepackaged Components

A Year With Meteor

2014-10-21 by Josh Owens (Meetup)

Meteor Resources (By Josh Owens)

More Meteor Resources

In one year four developers where able to ship forty projects.


  • Package namespacing
  • Just JavaScript - jQuery, the gateway drug [to hardcore JavaScript]
  • More than a framework
    • shared code (frontend and backend)
    • build tools
  • Great community -




  • [one other here, but i missed it]
  • queuing

Also announced was the upcoming Stacked Conf! It will be on June -, 2015 at The Carolina Theatre. You should go.