Stacked Notes - Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

2014-11-24 (Meetup)

Please excuse the likely typos in presenter's names. I didn't have much time to capture them.

Jarrod Swart - Functional Programming With Closure

Joe Jackson - Refactoring Made Easy (aka How To Make A Chrome Extension)

  • Adding markdown support to MindMeister
  • Chrome app is a regular web app, plus a manifest file
  • Chrome exposes extra JavaScript APIs for special functionality

DeeDee Lavinder, Kheanng Lim, Nick Passeraller

  • Showed off IronYard sample app, Lunchpad (WIP)
  • Demo day is December 12

Ian Pointer - Refinements, A Better Class Of Monkey-patching In Ruby

  • Global scope
    • Which patch wins?
    • Many code paths can result in non-deterministic monkeys running around
  • Refinements are class-scoped monkey-patches (automatically un-applied when class is closed)

Mark Hutchinson - How to shake hands

  • Point at the other person's elbow

He also recommended trying Silent Night by Mother Earth Brewing.

Jordan Cauley* - Sails Framework

  • Rails-like generators for JSON APIs
  • Uses sockets to update clients
  • Build your own Parse (Facebook) or Firebase (Google) replacement

* I think that's his website.

Clinton Dreisbach - Monte Carlo Simulations

  • Use random samples to infer things about a full set