International Festival 2015

This weekend saw the 30th annual International Festival. I went before in 2012 and 2013, so yesterday (Saturday) was my third time. As usual we had a great time and sampled many food items.

  1. Brazil - pão de queijo (cheese bread ball) stuffed with sautéed beef and onions
    This was SO GOOD! The bread is made with tapioca flour, so it's gluten free too!
  2. Vietnam - coffee bubble tea
    Last year I was able to get milk bubble tea, which was better, but it wasn't available this time.
  3. Korea - bulgogi
    I've been on a bulgogi craze lately.
  4. Bangladesh - samosa; mango lassi
    These were very similar to Indian dishes, but the spices were different. For instance the mango lassi was much tangier than I've ever had it.
  5. Holland - stroopwafel; mild cheese sample
    It was good, but I should have gotten the spicy cheese sample instead.
  6. Peru - causa - mashed potatoes sandwiching chicken salad
    I wasn't sure what to expect, but this tasted better than it sounds.
  7. Brazil - pão de queijo stuffed with cream cheese
  8. Palestine - lemon mint smoothie
    Allea got one of these, and it was surprisingly delicious. It reminded us of a mojito.