Blue Cross;

I'm writing to give you some feedback based on my personal experience from today. I have bronchitis, and like the past few evenings, tonight I will (likely) be kept from sleep due to coughing all night. I've finally had enough, so I went to the doctor today and got some prescriptions to help; however I cannot get the medicine because of you.

Addressing the items on this list would go a long way towards preventing my situation in the future, for myself and others. In no particular order...

  • Stop changing your plans every year.
  • Send new insurance cards out in time. Today is January 4, and I still don't have my new card.
  • Add the subscriber id to temporary cards so customers can fill prescriptions. Also put any other pertinent information on there as well.
  • Stop restricting the password field special characters to only four or five special characters. Passwords should have a minimum length restriction and maybe a check against a blacklist. Nothing else is needed for secure passwords.
  • Fix your website. It's embarrassingly bad. Specifically it's so slow and confusing that I can't even use it.
  • Fix your phone system. I tried calling for help, but you limited support hours and your phone system just hung up. At the very least you should be available as long as pharmacies usually are.