Triangle Modern Web - Variety Show

Modern Web Variety Show

by Tracy Lee (Meetup) (Twitter)

The inaugural meeting in the Triangle featured free food and several excellent speakers. MetLife hosted.

Simon MacDonald - What's New With Apache Cordova/PhoneGap (Twitter) (slides)

PhoneGap is a polyfill, and the ultimate purpose of PhoneGap is to cease to exist. - Brian LeRoux

Creative SDK Plugins (Adobe)

  • Image Editor
  • Adobe Single Sign On
  • Send To Desktop (send something to desktop computer)

Coming soon

  • CocoaPod support
  • asset browser
  • inclusion in PG Dev App


  • Push Notification plugin (Android N & iOS 10)
  • Browser Push
  • PG Desktop App
  • Embedded Workflow
  • Cordova Decoupling

Thomas Cameron - Red Hat Mobile Application Platform Overview (Twitter)

Look this up later: the overview was dense and fast.

Todd Jordan - Ember Component Patterns (Twitter) (GitHub) (slides)

Interactive Intelligence

  • Stability without stagnation
  • Convention over configuration
  • Prebuilt local environment (ember-cli)
  • Community owned and maintained

Functional Components and DDAU (data down, actions up)

Robert Fischer - Mind Stretching Type Gymnastics With PureScript (Twitter) (GitHub)

Axial Exchange

Functional JavaScript In The Real World

  • $ npm install tsun # typescript
  • $ npm install purescript

Types can be declarative, not just descriptive

TypeScript type annotations

JSX is declarative. Type annotations are descriptive.

Why Rubyists Should Learn OCaml

Jean-Marcel Belmont - Building A Web Application With React And Node (Twitter)