Modern Web Notes

Modern Web Variety Show

by Tracy Lee (twitter) (meetup)

Moe Long - Keynote

JavaScript testing sucks. Mocha and Jasmine are okay-ish.

Dan Wilson - Building Native With Angular

NativeScript and npm install nativescript

Write truly native apps with JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular. tns create - Telerik NativeScript CLI tool. This generates a new app skeleton.

tns livesync - Bundle and compile app, sync APK to emulator.

Style with CSS. (Xamarin can't, so there.) Automatic access to ALL native API.

Patrick Mueller - Profiling Node (slides)

Profile code to save money: less RAM, less CPU.

Faster running app

Tools: node --inspect and NodeSource N|Solid

Look for application-level or Node-level objects.

JavaScript Jeopardy

So silly!

John Long - Getting Started With D3

Getting started repository

  • robust data visualization library
  • makes math for charts trivial
  • used by major charting libraries

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