Why did it have to be cats? Photo by Jari Hytönen on Unsplash


I actually really like cats, much more than dogs. I love kittens! I just can't stand to be around them.

I am extremely allergic to cats. A week ago Saturday, I was at my mother-in-law's (with three cats) for maybe ninety minutes for a birthday party. I had such trouble with allergies that I didn't recover until yesterday (Sunday, eight days later) morning.

Yesterday afternoon I needed to return to the cat house for another birthday party. Within minutes I could feel my allergies getting nervous. I stayed around for maybe two hours before I had to leave. I kept feeling worse and worse for the rest of the evening until finally I was so drowsy I could barely keep my head up.

I took some Benadryl, which perked me up at first. However that soon wore off. I laid down. I don't remember falling asleep, but I just woke up about ten hours later. I'm still having trouble with allergies, and my throat feels like it was lined with cotton balls all night. Now I'm looking forward to another week of slow allergy recovery. 🤧