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Keynote: Cognitive Depletion (ConFreaks)

Yehuda Katz (@wycats)

Set defaults to combat cognitive depletion.

Abstractions are leaky, but they allow one to start building on the 400th floor, instead of the 5th floor.

By persistently building on top of abstractions, we can get much higher.

Tricks That Rails Didn't Tell You About

Carlos Antonio da Silva

Took many snapshots of the slides.

Middleman: The missing front end of the Rails API stack

Brad Gessler (Twitter)

Slides will be available.

Middleman uses many of the same tools as Rails.

Multi-environemnt aware
Very simple deploy process
Nice solution to JavaScript MVC app

Refactoring Towards Component-based Rails Architectures

Stephan Hagemann

Preferential Attachment - when the amount of things you have determines the amount of things you'll get. (One already has a lot, so one gets more.)

Web Applications With Ruby (Not Rails) (Confreaks)

David Padilla (Twitter)

Calling yourself a great programmer because you build your website with Rails is like calling yourself a great carpenter because you built your table from parts at Ikea.

Rack is as cool as bowties.

Hello WebRTC

Greg Baugues (Twitter)

Used to work at WDW as a janitor.

WebRTC enables realtime communication in the browser via open protocols. It allows access to microphone, video camera et cetera natively in the browser.

JavaScript API

  • getUserMedia

  • RTCPerConnection - peer to peer connections between browsers (fast, secure, encrypted, interoperable)

  • RTCDataChannel

  • no built-in signalling

  • doesn't scale well

  • doesn't connect to telephone networks

  • use twilio to connect to telephones and downlevel browsers


  • are you there?
  • where are you?
  • what can you do?

Authorization In A Service-Oriented Environment

Alan Cohen (Twitter)

role based
access control list
rule based access

SOAs are like snowflakes: no two are alike.


  • reusablility
  • allocate resources as necessary
  • loose coupling
  • encapselated concerns
  • pluggability

Decouple access decisions from access policy (cancan's #can versus #can?)

XACML is XML; just use JSON!